Version 2.0 "MORE BUNNIES!" is Live!  See our Devlog for the full list of changes!
(Note: Some players notice a black box for the second trick. This is due to a WebGL issue with large textures. Closing all applications and restarting the game in a fresh browser may fix it but we recommend just playing the downloaded version. See the notes at the bottom of the description for details!)

Grab your wand and put yourself in the role of an apprentice magician. Travel around the kingdom entertaining the masses, practice your tricks in between destinations aboard your wagon, and try to gain enough fame to be granted entry to the castle. 

Game play: Watch for yellow circles that pop up during practice/show and try to click  as close to the center as you can to get a good score.  If you do well enough, the kingdom will love you!

Sophia Hsu: Concept and Art/Animation
Paul Hsu: Programming
John Boyle: Integration, SFX, Programmed the Tricks
Vivian & Vincent: Beta Testers

All art and code and many sound effects were created by the team during the jam period.  The following CC0 samples were sourced from

fire cc0 jmehlferber
horses cc0 craigsmith
villagebkg cc0 unfa
pig cc0 krzpia
cow cc0 spurioustransients
chicken1 cc0 Breviceps
chicken2 cc0 craigsmith
boo cc0 jayfrosting
lots_of_boos cc0 NeoSpica
more_boos cc0 Adam_N
oohs_and_aahs cc0 noah0189
clapping_few cc0 Camo1018
single_claps cc0 Handfan
clapping_more cc0 ojosdedurazno
solo_clap2 cc0 OwlStorm
chimes cc0 MootMcnoodles
pop cc0 deraj
hmm cc0 esperar
hmm cc0 esperar

The very nice Accordion carriage background music by nid, also from Freesound.
road_gypsies cc0 nid

Special thanks to Willowblade from Godot Wild Jam for beta testing v2.0 and providing some great feedback!

Blank Trick Issue Details:
This appears to be a WebGL issue. The textures for the banish trick are HUGE (> 9000 pixels.  blame bad jam design decisions!).  WebGL has a value called: Max Texture Size. Often this is set to 16384 pixels, but we've noticed that sometimes this value can dynamically change. You can see the current value for your browser by heading to:  If the value is 16384, you'll be able to play OK. If the value is 8192, then it won't load properly.  The weird thing is, we've seen it at 8192 (causing the black box issue) then if you close all browsers and applications and open a fresh browser, it goes back to 16384 and the game plays fine, so while The Internet says this is a value set by the GPU, it seems like that value can dynamically change.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Authorsjmbjr, sophiadoodles
Made withAudacity, Godot, Aseprite
Tags2D, Cute, Magic, magician-simulator, Medieval, Short, Singleplayer, timing
Average sessionA few minutes


Download 44 MB
Download 45 MB
Download 46 MB

Development log


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Thank you for letting me know about this game. this was really fun!! You've got nice simple mechanics but they work really well and the pacing was spot on!!

How did he write the letter without thumbs?



Such a charming game, there were so many small details! Very well done! The art was great, the sounds of the audience and music were on point and the mechanic we simple but so relatable to the in-game world. Only feedback I could give is that there could have been a little less villages, it got a little repetitive after a while. But that’s all I could think of 😅 Now I finally know the secret bunny trick 😏

Thanks! I agree, there were still too many villages at the end. The original idea had about double (4 towns around the castle) and we had a lot more content planned to make it more interesting to travel around the kingdom.  However late in the week we realized we weren't going to have enough content so we cut by half and yea I agree that we could have cut some more. If I could go back in time I would change it so that you needed maybe 3 positive shows for the castle to let you in. 

Thanks for playing and for the comments!