You are a grey puffball in this hexagon tile world trying to round up little puffball friends to go to a special gathering! While you do not have any special powers of your own to pass all the obstacles in your way, your colorful little puffball friends do and they will gladly lend you their power while they are in your party. Try to flip your way through this hexagon tile world and transform the landscape with their elemental powers. But watch out for lemons who likes to scatter your party and bump you off your elemental power! 

**********************Game Tips*********************** 

D-pad, WASD, or arrow keys to move.  

Collect any colored little puffball friend to gain their power. 

Red= ability to pass and create lava terrain. 

Blue=ability to pass and create water terrain. 

Green=ability to pass and create jungle terrain. 

If You have multiple colored puffballs in your party your active power will be based on which color you have the most of, or whoever was collected first (in the case of a tie)

Press "R" anytime to reset the level if you get stuck.   


Gather 'em Up is an entry to the Godot wild jam #25

Wild Cards Used: 

Hud-less: no menu and all information are displayed within the actual game world. 

Traditional:  Majority of the graphic assets were made with airdry clay by hand and animated using  stop-motion technique. 

Forbidden fruit: There's a certain lemon you may want to avoid, if possible. :)



John Boyle- Overall design, codes, sfx, levels.   

Jeryy Boyle- Level design 

Paul Hsu- Programming, bug fixing.  

Sophia Hsu- Graphic, animation.  

Vincent- Music, sfx

Software used:

Godot, Krita, Stop Motion Studio Pro, Aseprite, BeepBox, Audicity, BFXR. 


Download 22 MB
Download 23 MB
Download 24 MB


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change your element to change the tiles around you. Similar premise to our game. :P

Nice one!

Yours has way more elements though! :P

That last level was so satisfying!

thanks for playing! yea, I thought it was important to have a level to just play around in :) glad you enjoyed it