Help an Old King learn some new tricks while also reliving his past glory days as a young and ambitious adventurer.

Known Issues:  

  • Music stutters on Chrome (v89) and Edge 
    • Strongly Recommend playing the Downloaded version 
    • Firefox seems OK
  • Strongly Recommend using a controller
    • Control Remapping not working
  • Note that Magic is unlocked during play
  • Volume Controls:
    • Adjust Music Volume: PgUp/PgDn 
    • Mute Music: END
    • Set Music Volume to half: HOME

Everything created by the team during the jam period.

  • Sophia Hsu: Art/Animations
  • Paul Hsu: Programming/System Design
  • Jerry Boyle: Level Design/Concept
  • John Boyle: Programming/Integration/Concept
  • Jason Boyle: Music/SFX
  • Jacob Boyle: Playtesting/Balancing/Quality Control


Download 31 MB
Download 34 MB
Download 33 MB


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