Something is amiss tonight at the haunted bakery! A lot of baked goods are out of bed and they are not friendly! Team up with butter as toast(s) to get to the bottom of this in this little platform puzzle game.  Features booby traps and spooky toasters that grant monstrous transformation!


How to play:

Controller or keyboard!  Arrow keys/WASD to move, space to jump (if you are the jumping type of toast), F or Enter to attack and interact with objects.

*Look for power switches to turn on various toasters. Some toaster have more than one switch. Check the lightbulbs above the particular toaster to see how many switches are needed.

Types of toast you can be:  

Bread- you are pretty helpless in this form, find a toaster fast. 

Toast- you have legs and can jump. You also have a very wimpy attack. 

Franken toast- You have the power to smash any can that blocks your way. You are a little slow though and jumping is simply not a thing for you.

Were toast- You jump high and you are a capable fighter. Cans are beyond you though. 

Vampire Toast- Who needs jumping when you can fly? You are also excellent at taking out canned or baked goods. 

Ghost Toast- You are dead but it's not the end! Float around to explore ahead or simply follow the pointing ghost finger back to the start to be reborn.  



John Boyle/ Programming , SFX

Jerry Boyle/ Level design

Jason Boyle/ Testing

Paul Hsu/ Programming

Sophia Hsu/ Art and Design

Music Credits:


Download 26 MB
Download 27 MB
Download 28 MB


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Very unique concept! Really enjoyed this game!