Gems and Bombs! Created for Godot Wild Jam 19: Discovery!

Wild Cards used: Non-Verbal & BOOM!

Controls: Move the mouse and click!

See gameplay hints below the Credits if you get stuck (if our Non-Verbal clues were too vague).


  • The game automatically ends when you collect enough coins and automatically restarts if you lose (to win you'll need to pick up roughly 20 gems and a handful of bombs to keep your timer healthy)
  • We got several comments that it wasn't clear that you can click the symbols on either side of the 'ear' graphic at top-right to change the sound volume (in case you need to adjust)
  • We fixed the horrible bugs, but there's probably a few lingering ones remaining.  Reload the webpage if the game begins to behave strangely after a couple restarts.
  • The game is intended to be played a few times as you develop better digging strategies.  The rounds should be quick as you climb up the learning curve.
  • May run slowly on Android devices. Will not run on iOS.


  • Art: Sophia Hsu
  • Programming and SFX: John Boyle
  • Soundtrack: Jason Boyle (previously unreleased and created outside of jam timeframe)
  • Design Support & Playtesting: Jerry Boyle, Jason Boyle

All code and assets are original

See hints below if you get stuck...

Seriously, these will spoil part of the fun... 

Oh alright, here are the hints!

  1. use the glove to defuse bombs and pick things up
  2. use the shovel to dig faster, but be careful where you aim
  3. you will lose if the timer reaches zero or a bomb explodes
  4. you will win after collecting enough coins (around 18-30 gems depending on how many you damage)
  5. you can increase the number of coins by not damaging the gems
  6. you can increase the timer by collecting bombs after they are defused
  7. you can't pick up gems unless they are fully uncovered or unless you damage them when they are partially uncovered
  8. you can't pick up bombs unless they are at least half uncovered and the fuse is not currently lit

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