Carol of the Penguins: PostJam v1.5 update "Dad, Slow Down" Mini-Update

We released the first postjam update for Carol of the Penguins just before New Years. You can read the post at: but most of the fixes just tried to smooth out some of the rough spots that we weren't quite able to get to during the jam. 

One of the things we forgot, though, was to disable Daddy Penguin's level 3 keypresses from repeating. For Dad's first game, it doesn't really matter, and for game 2, repeated keypresses are required so Dad can walk properly. But we got a lot of feedback that level 3 was still too difficult, even with the other changes in the previous update.

So we fixed that for this update. It was a really simple small change and I'm kinda kicking myself for not having it done in the previous version, but oh well.   If you played the previous Carol of the Penguins postjam release in the past month or so, you won't really notice much difference. But if you only played the jam version (or haven't played the game yet at all), then this is probably a good version to check out!

Additional Minor Updates:

  • Fixed Full-Screen Mode 
  • Adjusted Baby Penguin grow animation speed
  • Added an extra message on the game start to make it clearer that you need to press a key to start (makes html5 version easier to start).

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Feb 20, 2021

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