Carol of the Penguins: Post Jam Update!

Thanks everyone who played and rated and left a review for the game during the jam!  Carol of the Penguins placed second (a mere 0.004 points behind the fantastic Eggimals!) and everyone left some great feedback.

I couldn't sleep so I pulled a post-jam all-nighter and tried to address everything that players mentioned (and fixed a few things we missed in the initial release).

In no particular order, here's what the updated version adds:

Tried to make Papa Penguin Level 3 easier to understand and play. The arrows should provide better feedback now.

Adjusted the title screen so that when HTML5 players click the screen (to set focus) it doesn't immediately start the game.

Allowed Mama Penguin to walk normal speed when going UP (the original plan was UP was uphill, but we never really added enough graphics to make that clear and it didn't really serve any gameplay purpose)

Added the really cool looping animation that JUST BARELY didn't make it in the first release. 

Fixed up several animations to make them a bit smoother.

Fixed up a few map tweaks (removed some placeholder tiles on fishing level and some snow tiles in the maze).

Centered the Egg on the title screen (obviously the most important fix on here).

Thanks again everyone for playing!

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Dec 27, 2020

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