Time is short and you must RUN in order to make your connection at the Charlcago International Airport. Your character runs non-stop on his own; your job is to guide him up and down the 5-lane-corridor avoiding all the other travelers, while picking up snacks to boost your speed and coins for Air Miles to upgrade your seat on the airplane. Running into other people costs precious time and reduces your stamina/speed, so avoid them if you can!

Screenshot your Best Speed to see who can be the fastest and collect the most items per level!

Airport Runner is a two button runner style game made for the Godot wild jam #21 - theme Connection.  We Incorporated all three wildcards, which are Move It, Two-buttons, and Juice It (though we ran out of juice to add more juice).

All Content/Assets are original and 99% generated during the time-frame of the jam. (we reused one or two  tiny item graphics and sound effects  from a previous game). 

Credits as followed:

  • John Boyle- Programming
  • Sophia Hsu- Art and overall design
  • Jason Boyle- Sound effects and Music
  • Jerry Boyle- Concept and level designs

Software we used: Godot, Krita, 

We DO plan to make updates after the Jam Voting is over to add in several features that we didn't have time to complete (infinite levels, Upgrades, online leaderboard, and more levels).  

Install instructions

We didn't quite finish the game, but there's three levels to play !

Controls:  Pick your favorite two buttons to use, here are the options:


  •  Left click to go UP, Right click to go DOWN
  •  Wheel-up to go UP, Wheel-down to go DOWN


  • To go UP, use W/A, or the Up/Left arrow keys. 
  • To go DOWN, use S/D, or the Down/Right arrow keys.


  • D-pad or buttons. N/W direction goes UP and the E/S direction goes DOWN. 


airport_runner_win.zip 16 MB
airport_runner_mac.zip 18 MB
airport_runner_nix.zip 17 MB

Development log


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This is a fun running game! I like the animations of the grandmother and the businessmen, really gives a feel for their character.

Overall, this is a good game! I can't wait to see you expand on this :)