Attract some ants to your party with free blueberries and water! If they have plenty to drink and eat, they might just start a dance party for you.  Add some leaves to the mix and maybe some caterpillar will come to mingle as well! Though if you don't want flies to  crash your party, go easy on the food so they don't spoil before they are eaten! 

See how long you can get your bugs to dance!

---Game Tips----

(Note, if you prefer Large and Loud parties, you may have better performance with a downloadable version, since the HTML5 may not gracefully handle a Proper Bug Rave).

1. To attract some ants or caterpillars,  click on the blueberry or the leaf icon on the clipboard to drop food.

2. Read your party log on the clipboard to see what each of your bug guest wants or needs. 

3. Left click on a bug to make it leave your party.

4. To rename a bug, simply right click on one and a text box will appear for you to type in a new name. Press enter to confirm the new name and resume the game!

5. The party is over as soon as there are no bugs left in your party!

6. Note: the bugs will only dance if they have some friends. 

--- Credits ---

Art/Design: Sophia Hsu

Programming/SFX: John Boyle

Voice Acting: Vincent


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This was really cute!! I loved the caterpillars especially and the voices!