Controls: Use Mouse to click tools on shelf to help your plant grow.

  • Plants need Sun, Water, Fertilizer, and Music to grow faster. 
  • Your plant will look happiest when all their needs are being optimally met.

We didn't get to implement a variety of needs so all plants prefer an average amount of all resources to grow fastest.

  • Use Watercan and Fertilizer to quickly replenish water and nutrients.
  • Adjust Radio volume to reach Ideal Sound Levels
  • Move the pot to adjust sunlight as the weather changes.
  • Clicking the cloud abandons your current plant takes you to Cloud Heaven where you can combine plants to make a new one.

We didn't quite finish the game loop so due to a pretty nasty bug, plants are immortal and can't reach Flower Heaven yet :C

But you can still test the Mixing by clicking the cloud, mix two example plants together, and then try to raise their plant baby.

Easter Egg:

  • pressing R will switch your current plant into a random one (different color, petal & leaf types, number of leaves, etc). 

Art by Sophia Hsu

Programming by John Boyle

Music by Jason Boyle

We plan on finishing this game once the Jam Voting period is complete.


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Very cute, I hope to see a polished version of this game one day.